At OPVMC, Laser Surgery Benefits Our Patients

veterinary laser surgery

Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center employs the latest surgical technology: veterinary laser surgery. This unique approach to surgery uses a highly focused laser beam to efficiently vaporize living tissue. This process seals capillaries, blood vessels, and nerve endings for enhanced benefits including reduction of pain for your pet and enhance visibility of the surgery site for the surgeon.

Laser Surgery Benefits Pet Patients

The advantages of laser surgery for your pet include less bleeding and pain, reduced risk of infection, and more rapid recovery.

As it cuts, the laser seals small blood vessels to reduce bleeding; this allows the surgeon to perform surgical procedures that are not practical with conventional scalpel. The laser beam also seals nerve endings and lymphatics for less pain and swelling and a more comfortable surgical experience. Finally, the laser beam efficiently kills bacteria, sterilizing the incision.

This reduced risk of infection with less bleeding, pain, and swelling allows patients a more rapid recovery from surgery.

Laser Surgery Benefits Veterinary Surgeons

The unique capabilities of the laser improve many veterinary surgical procedures by making them simpler and reducing risks.

The laser’s ability to seal blood vessels and capillaries reduces bleeding for a clearer surgical site, greatly enhancing the surgeon’s visibility. The laser may be adjusted for precision and control over a variety of surgical needs. These advantages allow the surgeon to proceed more effectively, often reducing the duration of the surgery.

Contact our hospital to discuss the use of laser surgery for your animal companion. Learn more about our veterinary surgery program and our anesthesia protocols.