OPVMC Referral Portal

The OPVMC Referral Portal which provides 24/7 online access to your patient's medical records through our website.

You are one of our key referring practices and we value your opinion. We would like to introduce you to the portal and invite you to participate in the pilot phase as we test this functionality. The goal of this pilot is to gather feedback from you (the end user) so we can tweak the platform to make it as useful as possible.

What is the Orchard Park Referral Portal?

The Referral Portal is an additional channel to enhance communication between you and the Orchard Park specialists and ER department. It does not replace our telephone calls. In addition to this online access, fax or email will continue to be available (depending on your preference). Our system is automatically updated throughout the day, and allows you to:

  • Access your patient’s medical records
    • Available 24/7/365
    • Medical Records (diagnosis and treatment notes)
    • Daily Status Updates for Hospitalized Patients
    • Discharge instructions
    • Lab work
    • Prescriptions
  • Refer a patient
    • You have the option to refer a patient as well as attach bloodwork, x-rays and more.
  • Customize your settings
    • You may customize your settings and choose what notices you want and how you want to receive them.
    • For example, Orchard Park notices can be sent to you by email, fax, or both. Your choice. Even if you choose NOT to access the portal you will still receive emails or faxes with patient updates and records. You may update if and how you receive: Check-In, Discharge, Deceased Notices and/or Update Notices.

Advantages to Using the Referral Portal

  • Increase efficiency by ensuring fast and reliable communication.
  • Improve patient care as medical data is shared reliably and timely with you.
  • Portal is available 24/7/365 and accessible on computers and mobile devices.
  • Simplify the process of submitting referrals and attachments.
  • Eliminate the risk of referral information being lost and multiple re-submits.
  • Allows you to choose communication preferences (portal, fax, email or all of the above) so you get the documentation you want and need.

How it Works

  • Login to the Portal.
  • To Refer a Patient, you will provide information such as: the referring veterinarian’s name, practice Information, client Information, patient Information and attachments. You may submit Radiographs, Medical Records and Lab Results through the portal.
  • As clients arrive for their appointment and the doctor begins to examine and treat patient, information will be automatically shared with you based on the preferences you select such as fax, email and/or portal.
  • You will have the ability to view the information on your patients 24/7/365 on computers or mobile devices (including iPhones, Androids and tablets). This will include information on all referrals you send to Orchard Park. Patient information will include Check-in/Check-outs, Medical Notes, Lab Results, Prescriptions, Diagnosis, Problems and attachments.