Internal Medicine Specialist for Current & Referral Pet Patients

internal medicine

Internal medicine encompasses at least eight sub-disciplines including organs, body systems, and disease mechanisms not plainly visible. These include cardio-respiratory medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, neurology, nephrology, oncology, and urology.

Referrals to Our Internists

Dr. Kevin Kumrow and Dr. Melanie Hall are diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Dr. Erin Toone is residency trained in internal medicine having already sat for her board exam. Together, they provide expertise in internal medicine to pets from our primary practice, for those referred to him by their own veterinarian, and for emergencies. To have your pet seen by one of our internists, please request a veterinary referral to our internal medicine department.

Cardio-Respiratory Medicine

Cardio-respiratory medicine includes conditions of the heart, lungs, and chest. These are among the most serious conditions in pets and a primary reason to refer to our specialist in internal medicine.


Endocrine disorders are a diverse group of ailments that include diabetes mellitus, adrenal gland disorders such as Addison’s and Cushing’s diseases, and thyroid disorders. While most endocrine disorders are treatable, few are curable. Disease management for quality of life is the goal for these patients.


Disorders and diseases of the digestive organs are extremely common. While most cases are fairly straightforward episodes of vomiting and diarrhea, there are enough other diagnostic possibilities to make this area challenging. Endoscopy is one of the specialty services we use in diagnosing these diseases.

Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are as numerous and varied as the types of microorganisms that cause them. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses, can be contracted from a variety of sources such as other animals, parasites, and the environment.

Reaching a conclusive diagnosis may be difficult to narrow down to a single possibility. Therefore, treatment typically begins simultaneously with the diagnostic process. Prognosis is generally good for recovery.


Disorders of the kidneys are both common and offer relatively predictable symptoms. Often dysfunctional kidneys will cause an excess of urine production and an increase in thirst. Early diagnosis and treatment allows the best opportunity for longevity and a good quality of life.


Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center is the only veterinary hospital within 160 miles to have a a board certified oncologist on staff. Ashley Case, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) offers comprehensive pet cancer services, from diagnostics and treatment to counseling and pain management. With a cancer diagnosis in companion animals, comfort and quality of life are always our primary goals. To request a referral to Dr. Case click here.


Treatment of neurologic disease is based upon localization of the site of the lesion in the nervous stem. The brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves are distinct entities that have unique as well as shared disorders. Our specialized neurologic examination is geared toward identifying this site and the likely diagnostic possibilities. Following this, appropriate tests, such as gait analysis, can be conducted to further characterize the disease process and guide treatment.


While cooperative in function with the kidneys, the lower urinary tract has its own distinct functions and disorders. Symptoms of lower urinary tract disorders are frequently similar, regardless of the underlying cause.

Consultations by Specialists

We offer specialty services in the area of internal medicine, oncology and surgery. Dr. James Fingeroth is our boarded surgeon. Dr. Kevin Kumrow and Dr. Melanie Hall are our boarded internal medicine specialists and Dr. Erin Toone is residency trained in internal medicine. Dr. Ashley Case is our boarded oncologist.