Personalized Primary Care for Buffalo Area Pets

pet health

Individualized wellness care is the foundation of our pet health program at Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center. Thorough veterinary checkups and preventive care can identify serious health problems early and provide prompt and proper treatment, for a long and vigorous life. An annual or semi-annual exam is recommended to assess your pet's physical condition, review risk factors for disease, and address vaccine needs.

As a primary care client whose pets receive their vaccines and routine preventative care from our hospital you will get reminders for when your pet is due for vaccines, preventatives, and testing. To access our patient portal visit this link.

OPVMC Standards of Care

Because OPVMC is Always the Patient's Advocate, we have developed a set of standards to guide us in our pet health care approach. Our veterinarians utilize a consistent, specific means to provide veterinary care and services for our patients.

These standards are based on scientific research, recommendations from university centers, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) standards, recommendations from veterinary medical societies, and our own expertise in treating thousands of pets annually. Each veterinarian here, with review of our medical director, uses these basic rules or standards to recommend and provide the appropriate, individualized care for your pet.

Pet Health Services

Learn more about our health and wellness care program for your animal companion: puppy, kitten, adult dog, adult cat, or senior. Understand the role nutrition plays in the life of your pet, as well as our approach to vaccinations and parasite prevention. The OPVMC pet health program was developed to support the relationship between pets and their people.