OPVMC: Open 24/7 for Emergencies

Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center
3930 North Buffalo Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127
United States

Phone: (716) 662-6660
Fax: (800) 284-0306
Email: contact@opvmc.net

GPS Coordinates

42.776103, -78.7462
42.776103, -78.7462

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New Feature!

Text Us

We have some big and exciting changes coming that we believe will be a huge improvement to our current process and client experience. We are implementing text messaging for a variety of services beginning on Monday October 5th 2020. The goal is to help reduce phone call volume and in turn reduce wait times. To those of you that have experienced longer wait times both in person and on the phone, we appreciate your patience and understanding, and apologize for the excessive wait times you have experienced.

Texting will NOT be used for EMERGENCIES or Emergency/Critical Patient Arrivals - in those cases, please call. If your pet is stable upon arrival you may text us to let us know that you are here.

Also, PLEASE NOTE that even though we are open 24/7 for emergencies, text messages are NOT checked between 12am and 6am therefore during those times please call 716.662.6660***

Some of the applications we will be using this for are below (but are not limited to):

  • Arrival for appointments/check-ins
  • Arrival for discharges
  • Arrival for pickup of medications, food, etc
  • Prescription refills requests (which will be routed directly to our on site pharmacy)
  • Prescription fulfillment notification

We will NOT be using texting for the following:

  • Texting will NOT be used for EMERGENCIES or Critical Patient Arrivals. If your pet is stable you may text us upon arrival to let us know that your pet is here.
  • Texting will NOT be used for scheduling appointments of any kind.
  • Texting will NOT be used for medical questions or emergency questions unless we direct you to send us a message as a follow up to a phone call that has already taken place.

To Use Our Text Messaging System:

For appointment arrivals, to pick up your pet, to prescription medication or food, or cremains, please text your name, your pet's name and parking spot number to 716.662.6660. If you prefer, you can still call the main number 716.662.6660 and follow the prompts and options for texting.

To refill a prescription medication or food, please text your name, your pet's name and refill requests to our pharmacy refill line at 716.662.3589, call 716.662.6660 to leave a message or call the main number 716.662.6660 and follow the prompts.

Text message rates and data usage may apply.

Curbside service will continue until further notice due to COVID-19. Due to the volume of clients and patients we see daily, it is in the best interest of our staff and the public to prohibit visitors into our building. The exception to this is in the event that a pet needs to be euthanized, at which time we do allow 2 clients wearing masks to enter the building. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Thank you for choosing OPVMC for your pet's care! It is a pleasure to care for them and to serve you.

Pet Emergencies

Sometimes, despite your best care and attention, your pet becomes sick, injured, decides to have babies on the weekend, fights with a porcupine, is hit by a car, or just doesn't seem right, and your own veterinarian is closed.

For veterinary emergencies, call (716) 662-6660, press option 1.

At OPVMC, we care for emergency patients 24 hours a day. Like an emergency room, there are no appointments. Once you arrive with your sick or injured pet, the veterinarian will see you as soon as possible. All patients are triaged and are seen in order of the most critical first.

Our laboratory functions seven days a week to provide diagnostics tools, and when needed, our emergency veterinarians perform emergency surgery. Every weekday and every night of the week we have at least one veterinarian dedicated to seeing emergency and critical care patients. Some days and times, we have two veterinarians providing emergency service to meet any need.

Our emergency service professional and support staff cares for all hospitalized patients, and are vital in providing round-the-clock care.

If you have an emergency with your avain or exotic pet please visit the following page: https://www.opvmc.com/pet-resources/avian-exotic.html

Wildlife Emergency for Injured or Sick Animals

Since OPVMC is not a wildlife rehabilitation center, we are not equipped to offer full-service wildlife rehabilitation for sick or injured animals. We will, however, assist you in contacting the appropriate wildlife agency to supply care to the wild animal species you have found and captured.

Should you find any lost, sick, or injured wildlife, rather than bring it to the hospital, we ask that you call Messinger Woods Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at (716) 345-4239. You may end up leaving a message but they will call you back as soon as they can. They are best equipped to deal with triaging and treating wild animals. For more information on what to do in the event you have found an abandoned, sick or injured wild animal please visit their website.

If no agency contact can be made and the animal is in a life-threatening situation, please call our office at (716) 662-6660.